JFG Group

The synergies of brainpower

and the transformation of raw materials

Our history began in 1970 with the creation of the family firm of Guillet Chaudronnerie Métallerie Tôlerie. Since then, our company has constantly developed and invested, cultivating its skill and expertise in order to ensure the best for our clients.

Today, Guillet Group is a designer and manufacturer of innovative production resources and special equipment for the agro-foodstuffs industry, the construction sector, the chemical and cosmetics industries, cryogenics, the events sector, the railway sector, pharmaceuticals, and industry. Our clients are all leaders in their field.

We meet all the requirements of our clients, from providing a one-off service to multiple project management, and from producing a single mass-produced item to complete approved equipment.

Nearly a hundred people – specialists, engineers, technicians, welders, etc – design, advise you, innovate, and manufacture, install and maintain equipment for our clients in France and elsewhere.



10 500 sq.m.
of Workshops

Production sites

Member of staff

14 M€


Formtech’s expertise complements Guillet’s skill; Formtech comprises:

• one Research & Development – Innovation department
• one Engineering, Design & Project Monitoring department
• one Technical Planning & Industrialisation department


The jobs we do every day at our production sites in Alsace include boilermaking, sheet-metal working, metalworking, piping, and locksmithing, all using special equipment (for more information, visit www.guillet.tm.fr).

Mastery of mechanics, hydraulics and electricity forms an integral part of our skill.


Because of the strict confidentiality we guarantee to our clients, we are not able to name them on our website.

Our certifications

We are certified to ISO 9001 and certified for welding to the norms EN-3834, EN-15085, and AD2000-HPO.